Climate change - its causes and effects

The future of the world and humanity hangs in the balance.

Climate change hangs in the balance

Destructive forces / effects

Environmental destruction

  • Exploitation of non-renewables
  • Heat, drought, floods
  • Depopulation and migration
  • Starvation and poverty
  • Loss of biodiversity

Consumerism in rich countries

  • Advertising and fashion
  • Overconsumption and status
    • Overconsumption & consumerism
    • Consumerism, meaning and the atomisation of society
  • Diet and meat production
    • Shop ethical

Neoliberal economics / free market

  • Growth mantra
    • Neoclassical economics has failed society
  • Turbo charged economies
  • Concentration of power/privilege
    • History of globalisation
    • The psychology of corporate immorality
  • Huge corporations
    • Top investment banks provide billions to expand fossil fuel industry
  • Inequality grows continually
    • Inequality (2010)
  • Encourages growth of populism
  • Intensive agriculture
    • Intensive agriculture and climate change
  • Denial
    • Anti-heroes

Available to tip the balance

  • Public opinion especially the young
    • Public opinion and climate change. US perspectives
    • What many young people think
  • Government policies
  • International regulation
  • International, National, Corporate & Individual investment
  • Information, positive use of media, education
  • Women’s education and economic involvement
  • Localism – resource allocation, distribution of power
  • Social media used to create collaboration

Mitigating forces

Science and technology

The science behind climate change. uk met office
  • Growing insights
  • New technologies support localism & enable efficiency
  • Positive agricultural and industrial practices

Social market philosophies

Characteristics of the social market: Sweden
  • Government active support
  • Investment decisions guided by different criteria
  • Reduced emphasis on growth
  • Wider distribution of power
  • Reduction in poverty & inequality

Local & personal actions

  • Individual/collective behaviour
  • Population control (women’s education)
  • Uprisings & public opinion
  • Education
    • Comparative education systems
  • Leadership
    • Wise People, Paul Krugman

Environmental destruction
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