The Yellow Terror in all His Glory, an 1899 cartoon of a Chinese man (of Qing Dynasty) standing over a fallen white woman representing the Western world.

How will Chinese ambitions be controlled?

How will Britain cope?

China has entered a period of expansion and ambitious external relations.

Chinese behaviour in the South China and recently, its takeover of Hong Kong, despite the firm agreement to have it as an independent entity after it was handed over by Britain; is evidence of a new era of Chinese expansionism. It also tends to be forgotten that China annexed Tibet some years ago.

But far more sinister is the use of foreign investment and the wielding of technological mastery as a tool of aggressive foreign policy.

One country that has found itself in a complete quagmire in the worst of all worlds is the United Kingdom;

This series of threats and their likely effects politically and economically, is the result of more than ten years of gross misjudgements on the part of the UK political establishment, which has seriously misled an under-educated and ignorant segment of the population.

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