The BBC is vital to Britain and the world

It is trusted world-wide and essential to Britain’s role amongst nations.

A look around broadcasters in Britain and in the wider world will quickly reveal some truly unsettling facts:

Beyond the behaviour of State-influenced broadcasting stand huge commercial organisations, which seek to influence what is broadcast and the bias of reporting.

Amongst the very worst in the world is the Murdoch “Empire”, which controls FOX News, which can be detected as having a strong right wing bias.

Many of Murdoch's papers and television channels have been accused of biased and misleading coverage to support his business interests and political allies, and some have credited his influence with major political developments in the UK, US, and Australia

Control of the Media

These 6 corporations control 90% of the media outlets in America. So much for the illusion of choice and objectivity……

Comcast, Disney, CBS, Viacom, News Corporation, AT&T

BBC by comparison

Alongside these commercial giants, the BBC stands out as a beacon of objectivity, especially as it has a board of governors chosen for their lack of bias towards any commercial or governmental institutions

But. It is becoming evident that the current right wing populist Conservative government, egged on by commercial interests, is seeking to undermine the BBC and bring it under political control.

“Although a 'state broadcaster', the BBC is theoretically protected from government interference due to the statutory independence of its governing body”. Wikipedia

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