As expected, Tony Blair has started the serious business of reaping the rewards from his time as Prime Minister. He is on the brink of becoming seriously rich; joining the ranks of speakers on the US lecture circuit and now becoming an advisor to Investment bank JP Morgan for an estimated £500,000 a year.
There are many precedents:

Now the investment banking industry is repaying the support they have received from Prime Minister Blair.
Like many other observers, this website has consistently deprecated the way in which an almost completely unregulated City has eviscerated many parts of the UK economy by short-termism and resisting investment, swindled and exploited its customers, robbed the poor and grossly over-rewarded its leaders. These industries have also made a major contribution to the shocking levels of inequality in the UK. What have Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron et al had to say on these matters? Nothing, their silence has been deafening.
Many commentators have been negative about the supposed greed of Tony Blair and his quest for wealth. This does not worry us unduly. If the man has a need to pursue money for the power and lifestyle that it brings, good luck to him.
What worries us most is the likely impact on top politicians' judgment, moral compasses and behaviour that the prospect of future preferment and wealth might bring.
It is quite simple. Top politicians interested in keeping the wolf from the door after retirement can ensure success by following two simple rules:

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Haggis 20 21 Nov 11 14:14

Liam Fox and Adam Werrity have a good thing going & Jim Murphy is going to get a Summons to report them. Well done Jim. Perhaps you will now get Tony Blair and Sir John Major Summoned for Qinetiq sale to Carlyle Armaments Group.Two PMs in target Jim.

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