Private Equity - Overview by 'havingtheircake'

This paper is an important contribution to generating an understanding of recent developments in investment practice. But even more important, it generates vital insights into very serious trends affecting general economic well-being and the interests of stakeholders other than the very rich and powerful.

It places in stark relief the statements of some politicians, for example Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who have rushed to the defence of the private equity industry. As guardians of the general interest, one wonders why they did it. It also challenges all of those who have an axe to grind through its thorough examination of the facts.

The paper may be too long for those with limited time - in this case, please read the Introduction and the last section, Implications and Conclusions.

This paper was co-authored by Julie Froud and Karel Williams, and you can viewed by clicking on the following link: Private equity and the culture of value extraction

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