Wonderful insights into the Crises of Capitalism, Human Motivation and Delusional Behaviour

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) has a great reputation for bringing people together to discuss important issues that affect us all.
Three recent events deserve special attention, and the RSA has produced beautifully prepared animated presentations that will inform and amuse at the same time.


Crises of Capitalism by David Harvey


Smile or Die (The cruelties of positive psychology) by Barbara Ehrenreich


Drive, The Surprising Truth, by Daniel Pink


Choice (is a two-edged weapon)


The Secret Powers of Time (how our behaviour is influenced by culture)


The Empathic Civilisation (If we don't collaborate and be generous towards others, the human race is in danger)


Superfreakeconomics (how economists misunderstood human nature)

How free market economies got it wrong - and what to do about it
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