How to Destroy a Nation - undermine its foundations

What is a Nation?

A Nation is a human institution, and a “Good” nation is one that works for the vast majority of its citizens.

Because it is a human institution, comprising many communities, organisations and societies it is important that they blend together in ways that ensure that the whole nation is based on harmony between its many complex facets..

Manifestations of damage

Foundations of A Healthy Nation

Every nation, as a complex human institution, needs to be supported by common services that ensure the wellbeing of its members. It is important that there should be agreement on the basic definition on the need for and the character of such essential foundations.

At a very basic level there are several ways of considering how these services might be provided:

Enter the Free Market. Here is an extreme version:

“Our society is infected by a disease we call "free market ideology". Whatever the problem might be - climate change, poverty, educational reform - free markets are promoted as an answer. We are told that markets are the greatest anti-poverty program, that if we just leave things alone, companies will lift up the poor. Don't worry, we are told, innovation will solve global warming if only we give entrepreneurs the right incentives”

The State of The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is a complex mix of different societies. But they suffer from a number of common issues. Taken as a whole, they are in the throes of a range of dysfunctional economic and social issues.

England is suffering from a deep malaise that infects the social and economic fabric of the country. Economically, it a very poor performer, lagging behind European comparators. Investment in industry and commerce ids very low, a majority of the manufacturing sector has been sold off to foreign competitors, productivity is very low and pay has been generally stagnant for decades – except of course for top earners and those in the finance sector. The whole economy is hugely dependent on consumer spending. This is now threatened by poverty and the cost of living.

The state of the poorer quartile of the community is verging on destitution. The growth of food banks to serve those who cannot afford food and such basics as domestic heating is reaching record levels. The National Health Service, still a star in a fading firmament, is suffering from serious staff shortages and underinvestment.

In fact, the very foundations of an advanced nation are crumbling.

Here are Some:

Inadequate Oversight of Public Utilities.

The performance of Utilities such as water Supply and Treatment, Power generation and domestic electricity and gas, transport, particularly railways, has enabled suppliers to make excessive profits for poor services. The roles of government must be seriously reviewed as the wellbeing of a large segment of the population approaches social and economic disaster

Deep beliefs as a Foundation.

The Values and Beliefs that underpin a nation are probably the most important foundation of all. Probably most important in their effect are:

It is fair to say that England and the United States represent Market-driven Societies and the Scandinavian countries as represented by Sweden and Denmark societies based more on the Value of Collaboration. Big political decisions in Sweden are made by collaboration between Central government, local government, Trades Unions and Capital.

Rowing together

Competition – Who will win?

Overall, Britain, particularly England is markedly riven by disparities between the increasing number of citizens who can not afford the basics of a good life, and a smaller number who have the wealth to enjoy the many benefits of a beautiful country with a rich history. This can be contrasted with the Scandinavian countries , which have cultures and institutions that provide support to the majority of citizens. Their watchword is “WE” rather than “US and THEM”.

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