Modern Sapiens evolved from different human species, including Neanderthals, who lived in small communities in Europe and the Middle East.

A Neanderthal

About 100,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens evolved in East Africa and spread to Europe as hunter gatherers

The next major evolution was to small scale agriculture

70,000 years ago: The Cognitive revolution; the evolution of ideas and language:

Then, 12,000 years ago: The Agricultural Revolution: domestication of plants and animals……

10,000 years ago: Growing scale of agriculture led to growing settlements and marked the destruction of many species, including Neanderthals:

Early human settlements 5000 years ago: Which grew into the first kingdoms and cities…

This led to the development of coinages and developing economies……

About 500 years ago came the Scientific Revolution, with the development of technological breakthroughs

Growing economies and burgeoning empires were often bound together by ideas, religions and political ideologies:

200 years ago; The industrial revolution in advanced countries: Caused massive extinction of plants and animals.

The Present:

Humans transcend the boundaries of Planet Earth………

Moon Lander

Nuclear weapons and warfare threaten the planet?

OR; will intelligent design and survival instincts cause Homo Sapiens to collaborate to save the planet from extinction??

United Nations

Long term:

Nuclear Armageddon……?
Deadly climate change………?
Communities destroyed by warfare…?
Or: A planet in Bloom……?

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