An Agreement forged in Hell: US/UK Free Trade Treaty?

The Covid19 Pandemic is revealing some very vivid differences between nations influenced by a whole number of interrelated factors:

And now, the two international pariahs seem to be angling towards a free trade agreement??

The two countries most blighted by neo-liberalism seem to be angling for a Free Trade agreement, probably driven by President Trump’s paranoia about China, and particularly his desperation to find something or someone to blame for the blight suffered by the US following its inept performance in dealing with the Coronavirus.

Both the UK and the US are in danger of suffering from acute isolation, the UK by its near-suicidal decision to leave the European Union, its biggest trading partner by far, and the Trump administration’s “America First” isolationist policies. One effect is to leave the field open to the Chinese government to vastly increase its political and economi9c dominance

The idea that any good can come out of a treaty between these two dysfunctional nations stretches the imagination – in particular because it would leave Britain at the mercy of a far bigger and narcissistically self-interested ally in the United States under its current leadership. Even if the US administration was to change at the next election, the damage left behind will take years to overcome as the country is hugely split politically and economically.

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