Conventional Economics is Mad

Over-Consumption a by the Rich is putting the whole World Ecosystem at risk.

Conventional Economics fails to take account of the rapid depletion of the natural world.

A major review led by Sir Partha Dasgupta of Cambridge University and commissioned by the UK Treasury.
Sir David Attenborough said the review was “Immensely important”. In a foreword he said; “If we continue this damage, whole ecosystems will collapse. That is now a real risk. The review at last puts bio-diversity at the core of economics”

The Dasgupta review urges world governments to come up with a different form of national accounting From Gross Domestic Product and use one that includes the depletion of natural resources.

Professor Lord Nicholas Stern of the London School of Economics said “The Dasgupta review shows that we are running down our natural capital fast, and we will pay the price.” “Human excess is fast destroying the Planet.”


This forest had very little economic value until the trees were felled.
This is the exact opposite of its value to the Ecosystem.

A forest that has been flattened

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