Letter from Australia…

Australian bush Fires: A view from the front line.
Global warming is at last becoming hot news. But it hardly featured in the latest UK general election; and Australian politicians, President Trump and President Bolsanaro of Brazil seem to believe, with much of their political support, that economic growth is more important………

Here’s a view from Adelaide in Australia from a Doctor who practises there.

“If you are ever in need of evidence of the accelerating and dire effects of climate change, Oz is not a bad place to look. The hottest months aren’t even on us yet, but the bush fires have been catastrophic. Actually, if you take the whole year, bush fires in Oz have claimed an area 3 times the size of those in the Amazon rainforest…. Just in one year. Still the government here claims that somehow it’s not a player in contributing to global warming – but the whole f….ing country is on fire”

General practitioner

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