Wit and Wisdom

From time to time, we meet interesting people with an angle on life that others might find useful or amusing.

It's not quite as bad as this - really - is it?

Mine eyes have seen the vision of the chairman of the board,
Of the mystic island havens where his bonuses are stored,
And his bankers sing his praises as they shout with one accord,
Keep the share price moving on!

He's manipulated markets making profit out of loss,
Which the CEO has moved offshore, tax boundaries to cross,
With nods and winks from auditors who couldn’t give a toss,
If the share price moves along!

Fund managers and brokers vie to buy up all the stock,
To sell to dim investors fooled by all the bull and cock,
Though once the FSA's involved, shares plummet like a rock*,
With the chairman moving on.

Gordon Watson - winner of newstatesman competition.

*(chance would be a fine thing - authors)

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