'People must be de-motivated to know that their leaders are hugely rewarded for working for external agencies like investors'.

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The recent announcements that HSBC, one of the world's largest banks, has generated bumper profits and that its directors have been awarded very large bonuses should be a cause for some celebration. Or should it? It would appear that many employees, who are reported to have received little or no increases in their pay, are considering strike action.
Managements have responded angrily to union calls for windfall taxes on 'excessive' banking profits (and bonuses to match?), claiming that such profits are good for society, because they provide superior returns for shareholders, who include ordinary members of society, pension fund members and savers. Therefore they are only doing what they do for the general good.

The ordinary mortal might be excused for feeling a little confused by all of this.

Here are a few interesting questions and observations to mull over:


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